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Happy Customers
Developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships is what drives our passion for happy customers

“Happy employees are what make a successful organisation, and our recruitment process is solely built around that belief”

Jeremy Barwick – Director TRB

“The hiring process was seamless……I can confidently say that we found the right person for our organisation.” 
AS – Head of Digital & Marketing

 “I have now been in the role for nearly a year and couldn’t be happier.”  SE – Digital Officer

“TRB have been instrumental in building a high performing team for Growth Labs.  Their contribution has included the development of overall Talent Acquisition Strategy and the creation of structured programs for Candidate Skill Assessment and Cultural Fit Analysis.” GB- Managing Director

Case Study: Recruitment of Digital Officer for PVRI 

The Role

The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) is an international medical charity dedicated to reducing the global burden of pulmonary vascular disease.  The role we were asked to fill was that of a Digital Officer with a remit for both creative and technical skills and a sincere passion for both healthcare and the charitable sector.

The Recruitment Process

Prior to CVs being submitted to the charity for interview all candidates were given several competency and skills tests, tailored to the specific role.  The key skill test was to write a blog on a subject they would have minimal knowledge of within a limited time period.  In agreement with PVRI, prior to submitting CVs, we submitted blogs for consideration.  Only if the blog was judged good enough was the CV then considered.  This speeded up the recruitment process and meant that only the candidates with the right level of required skills were invited to an interview with PVRI.  It also removed unconscious bias in the selection process.

The hirer

“Jeremy took the time to really get to know our organisation, culture and the skillset required for the role we were looking to fill.  After screening a large pool of candidates through various competency tests, he presented our team with a short list of three strong candidates, from which we were able to conclude our search. The hiring process was seamless and Jeremy provided thoughtful insight at each stage, which was a real value add. I can confidently say that we found the right person for our organisation.”

Aaron Shefras – Head of Digital & Marketing PVRI

The hired

“Jeremy provided excellent advice and support throughout the recruitment process. He was easily contactable throughout and got in touch before and after each interview for help and feedback. I have now been in the role for nearly a year and couldn’t be happier!”

Sophie Earl – Digital Officer PVRI